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What Could A Hard Brexit Mean For The Border Counties?

As the UK braces itself for a snap general election which will play a part

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Friends In High Places: How an Irish-American legal group aims to help musicians in Ireland crack the States

President Trump’s vetting laws have made it increasingly difficult for law-abiding foreigners entering the U.S.

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The Killing Folk: What Makes a Hitman?

What makes a hitman? A new TV3 series from investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre lifts the

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Reshaping Dublin: Are Taller Buildings The Answer?

Planning in Ireland has always been inadequate – with the result that our cities and

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Eamonn McCann: To Protect and Self-Serve

The Templemore affair is just the latest in a long line of controversies to have

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The Message - Abortion: The People Want The Government to Legislate

The recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly may not be as far ahead of the public

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Emmanuel Macron Scores Stunning Victory Over Marine Le Pen In French Presidential Election

Fears of a drift to the right in Europe were further assuaged last night with

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The Message: The National Maternity Hospital Must Not Be Given To The Sisters Of Charity

The controversy about the ownership of the National Maternity Hospital has invited a new focus

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Why Do Liberals Suddenly Love Donald Trump?

When Donald Trump dropped bombs in Syria, the liberal media applauded. For some, at least,

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Frontlines: Know Your Fake News

You’ve heard Donald Trump trot out the line, as if he had invented the term

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The Message - Things Are Going To Get Dirty

And no, this is not another Hot Press article encouraging mass promiscuity. It is about

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Building Up Momentum: Hot Press looks ahead to the 14th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

Momentum Acting Studio are presenting a three-play suite about love, at the 14th International Dublin

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Eamonn McCann: Onwards and Upwards...

...Was the resounding message to our correspondent from supporters after recently losing his seat at

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The Hot Press 40th Anniversary Cover Exhibition Goes On Display This Friday

The cover of Hot Press is a national institution, coveted by emerging musicians and established

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Three Men Went to Mow: The Complicated Legacies of Chuck Berry, Eamonn Casey and Martin McGuinness

Their very different contributions to the world were messy and complex. But in their separate

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