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The Message: Slaughter Of The Innocents

Israel’s indiscriminate massacring of Palestinian men, women and children is an outrage, and they appear to have total impunity to carry on doing it. So how do we go about putting a stop to the slaughter?... READ MORE

McCann: In A Muddle Over The Middle East

Our columnist’s thoughts on the Israel/Palestine conflict have drawn ire from far afield – meanwhile,...

Politics/McCann   - 21 Jul 2014


Bosnia made it to the world cup finals, in the process making light of the...

Politics/Hog   - 18 Jul 2014

Frontlines: The Drug Trade Moves Online

A recent Spate of deaths and hospitalisations are being linked to drugs mass produced in...

Politics/Frontlines   - 17 Jul 2014

Garth Brooks: Victim of the Game

When Garth Brooks decided to launch his return to the live arena with a series...

Politics/Message   - 10 Jul 2014

The Message: Treated Like So Much Human Debris

The terrible truth is that there is nothing surprising about the revelations emerging about the...

Politics/Message   - 11 Jun 2014

The Message – A Dark Day For Labour

The results of the local and European elections suggest that Labour is in deep trouble....

Politics/Message   - 28 May 2014

Front Lines: Nothing but the Same Old Story

Having published the Irish findings from the Global Drugs Survey, Hot Press was keen to...

Politics/Frontlines   - 27 May 2014

Front Lines: Street Writing Man

Broadcaster John Kelly takes time out from the day-job with the publication of his third...

Politics/Frontlines   - 27 May 2014

Front Lines: Multiculture Club

The upcoming local elections feature a veritable rainbow coalition of candidates, but not all of...

Politics/Frontlines   - 27 May 2014

The Message: Something's Rotten In The State of Ireland

The head of the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, may have been duly delivered on...

Politics/Message   - 20 May 2014

A Fair Cop

In Hot Press 38-07, we published details of the Global Drugs Survey – and what...

Politics/Frontlines   - 20 May 2014

Frontlines: Troubled Waters needs to build a bridge

The former Irish Times columnist is far from being the bigot some have portrayed him...

Politics/Frontlines   - 01 May 2014

The Message: Living on the faultline

The shocking story of a young family, forced to sleep in a car on the...

Politics/Message   - 01 May 2014

Frontlines: The needle & the damage prevented

One of Ireland's most authoritative voices on the drugs debate, Tim Bingham has worked in...

Politics/Frontlines   - 29 Apr 2014

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