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Prince was the latest in a long line of black artists - from Sam Cooke and Otis Redding to Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye - to push the envelope, both musically and culturally...... READ MORE

The Whole Hog: Panama What?

It may have been famous for its hats and its canal – but with the...

Politics/Hog   - 15 Apr 2016

The Message: Our Patience is Running Out

Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil need to end the posturing and hammer out a deal,...

Politics/Message   - 15 Apr 2016

Boris Johnson’s Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindle

Rock rebels everywhere should be appalled at the British establishment’s attempt to appropriate punk rock...

Politics/McCann   - 06 Apr 2016

The Whole Hog: Don't Look Back in Anger at the 1916 Rising

The memory of those momentous events has inspired us to think again about the idea...

Politics/Frontlines   - 01 Apr 2016

The Message: 1916: History In The making

The Proclamation of 1916 was a powerful document. In recalling the momentous events of a...

Politics/Message   - 01 Apr 2016

The 1916 Rising: Don’t Look Back In Anger

This weekend, it is 100 years since the rising of Easter 1916. The memory of...

Politics/Hog   - 25 Mar 2016

A Kick Up The '80s

The music was fine & the fashion crazy- but there was still a whole lot...

Politics/Frontlines   - 14 Mar 2016

How long must we sing this song? Eamonn McCann on the illegality of the abortion pill in Ireland

Using abortion pills could see you slung into prison for 14 years. How is this...

Politics/Frontlines   - 08 Mar 2016

The Whole Hog: Where Do We Go Now?

In a climate where anger Is plentiful but constructive solutions rarely offered, maybe we need...

Politics/Hog   - 04 Mar 2016

The Whole Hog: The Marriage Equality Referendum Would Not Have Happened Without Labour In Government

That is just one example of the achievements of the Labour Party over the course...

Politics/Hog   - 25 Feb 2016

Frontlines: The Hot Student Issues and Tinder For Politics

With the election a little over a week away, Vice-President for Equality and Citizenship in...

Politics/Frontlines   - 19 Feb 2016

Frontlines: Allez Les Boys In Green

Between the Feverish Wait for the Euros and a Stunningly Unpredictable Premier League Season. There’s...

Politics/Frontlines   - 12 Feb 2016

Frontlines: The Drugs Don’t Work

In the wake of the tragic death of Cork teenager Alex Reid, Olaf Tyaransen talks...

Politics/Frontlines   - 12 Feb 2016

Hollywood calling for new wave of Irish stars

We profile four creative dynamos from Ireland, who are primed to make an impact in...

Politics/Frontlines   - 03 Feb 2016

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