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The Hot Press 40th Anniversary Cover Exhibition Goes On Display This Friday

The cover of Hot Press is a national institution, coveted by emerging musicians and established

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Three Men Went to Mow: The Complicated Legacies of Chuck Berry, Eamonn Casey and Martin McGuinness

Their very different contributions to the world were messy and complex. But in their separate

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Eamonn McCann: The Point the Media Missed About Martin McGuinness

Amidst the widespread coverage of Martin McGuinness’s funeral, its ideological significance was overlooked by virtually

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Queer and Proud of it - We spoke with Irish LGBT vlogger Riyadh Khalaf

Irish LGBT vlogger, Riyadh Khalaf is a coming phenomenon. Here, he challenges the dangerous lies

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We Cannot Exonerate The Catholic Church In Relation To The Tuam Babies

Confirmation of the fact that the remains of hundreds of babies were buried in a

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Frontlines - A measured response to "elitism"

Railing against “elites” has become a big trend amongst extremists on both the right and

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The Message - The Enduring Legacy of The Joshua Tree

On March 9, it will be 30 years since the release of The Joshua Tree,

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Eamonn McCann: What Trump Gets Right About The Media

The liberal elite is aghast at American’s Boor-in-Chief. But the President is on the money

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Opinion: Are We Heading Towards An Orwellian Dystopia?

The planet was already heading towards a crisis. But political forces have recently been unleashed

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Porn In The USA: Erotica in the new America

One of the more unlikely anti-Trump crusaders is US erotica guru, Dr Chuck Tingle, whose

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Anarchy In The USA - Exploring The Alt-Right and Antifa Movements

Some of the anti-Trump protests in the US have turned violent, with black bloc activists

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The Message - Madness in the Garda Siochana

Over the past week, astonishing revelations have emerged about Garda collusion in a campaign of

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Eamonn McCann: The Chimes of Freedom

When more than four million women marched in the US, the day after the inauguration

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How Far Is Donald Trump Prepared To Go? - The Message From The Editor

With Steve Bannon directing operations, and aided and abetted by a bunch of power-crazed loonies,

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Killer Designer Drugs Have Arrived in Ireland: State of the Nation Report

Stuart Clark looks at the new heroin-mimicking opiate linked to a recent Cork death, and

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