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Top Story

Are We Heading For Gridlock In Ireland?

The current wave of anti-government feeling is a complicated phenomenon. But lurking in there is the possibility that we may be entering a period of political fragmentation…... READ MORE

McCann: Street Fighting Man

How the legalisation of marijuana in states across America has vindicated one man’s lifelong struggle....

Politics/McCann   - 20 Nov 2014

The Message: I Don’t Want To Be A Clock Watcher

Like paying to have your rubbish collected, Irish Water is another stealth charge, the genesis...

Politics/Message   - 13 Nov 2014

McCann: The Lesson Of Captain John

When our columnist put his money on Now What, he expected a better result. This...

Politics/McCann   - 07 Nov 2014

U2 - An Outstanding Artistic Force

When U2 released their latest album Songs of Innocence, it was the subject of heated...

Politics/Message   - 30 Oct 2014

Foul Play: What's The Problem With Islam?

All religions are fundamentally insane. There is no reason to believe Islam per se is...

Politics/McCann   - 24 Oct 2014

The Message: Grace Under Fire

The hacking of Jennifer Lawrence's phone, and the leaking of her private photos, was a...

Politics/Message   - 16 Oct 2014

Front Lines: The Politics Of Mental Illness

Psychiatry has always had a taste for pathologising perfectly normal behaviour. After all, being gay...

Politics/McCann   - 13 Oct 2014

Front Lines: Change For The Better

Mental health agencies must adapt to help their clients take control of their own lives......

Politics/Hog   - 10 Oct 2014

The Stigma Of Suicide

If we want to end the stigma associated with suicide, we first have to acknowledge...

Politics/Message   - 02 Oct 2014

Frontlines: Hillary Clinton: The Truth

A millionaire who bellyaches about being broke; an enthusiastic supporter of Israel’s ceaseless extermination of...

Politics/Frontlines   - 26 Sep 2014

Frontlines: The Spying Game - Anton Corbijn Interview

Anton Corbijn, more renowned as a music-vid director, has branched out and directed a John...

Politics/Frontlines   - 24 Sep 2014

Frontlines: Why We Need A Property “Rebellion” – Not Another Bubble

House prices are on the rise – in Dublin at any rate – but, without...

Politics/Hog   - 24 Sep 2014

The Message: Ireland's Racism Problem

Ours is an increasingly multi-cultural society. However, our vast State bureaucracy has refused to move...

Politics/Message   - 18 Sep 2014

The Message: School Of Life

Your student years are a wonderful prospect, offering the possibilities of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll...

Politics/Message   - 04 Sep 2014

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