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Georgia On His Mind: Shane Lowry is U.S. Masters Bound

Ahead of his first trip to Augusta National for the U.S. Masters, Shane Lowry discusses his ambitions, Ireland’s formidable golfing talent – and leaving Tiger Woods in his wake... READ MORE

Tony Fenton: Thanks for the Memories, Dude

He was one of the most distinctive voices on Irish radio since the ‘70s, with...

Politics/Frontlines   - 25 Mar 2015

The Whole Hog: The Hot 900

From its initial vantage point on page three of the first issue of Hot Press,...

Politics/Hog   - 18 Mar 2015

Gerry Adams' Naked Truth

Why did Gerry Adams tell the world about his passion for naked trampolining? Why can’t...

Politics/Frontlines   - 12 Mar 2015

Charlene McKenna talks her Oscar-nominated short


Politics/Frontlines   - 11 Mar 2015

Is Ireland headed for world rugby domination?

With two fences left to clear, Craig Fitzsimons predicts more Six Nations glory for Ireland,...

Politics/Frontlines   - 09 Mar 2015

Paddy's Day: New York Parade Should Be Boycotted

The attempt by the Ancient Order of Homophobes to pretend that there is no such...

Politics/Frontlines   - 03 Mar 2015

Bill Browder: from investor to enemy of Russian state

Bill Browder went from being Russia’s largest foreign investor to being expelled from the country....

Politics/Frontlines   - 02 Mar 2015

Alcohol: We Must Oppose the New Health Bishops

New restrictions in relation to alcohol misuse are misguided and wrong, because they fail to...

Politics/Frontlines   - 02 Mar 2015

The Debate Over Black History Month

Did you know Ireland has a Black History Month? Probably not. The event, pioneered in...

Politics/Frontlines   - 25 Feb 2015

Measure for Measures: Hot Press examines Ireland's new alcohol proposals

Hot on the heels of the Government’s proposed bill to tackle alcohol abuse, a new...

Politics/Frontlines   - 24 Feb 2015

The Whole Hog: Syriza and the Future of Europe

The future of the European idea is at stake, as the Greeks seek a write-down...

Politics/Frontlines   - 17 Feb 2015

A Renter's Tale

Roisin, a teacher from Dublin, tells a story which is not untypical of landlord behaviour...

Politics/Frontlines   - 17 Feb 2015

Hot Press examines the Housing Crisis

Cowboy landlords, substandard living conditions and ever increasing costs are just some of the problems...

Politics/Frontlines   - 16 Feb 2015

The Message: We Need To Talk About Charlie

Irish people who genuinely believe in free speech need to support the scrapping of our...

Politics/Message   - 22 Jan 2015

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