Maeve Heslin

Hailing from DNS (that’s Dublin’s affluent northside, dontcha know), Maeve Heslin worked at Hot Press Towers for just over five years, manning the online news desk alongside the mighty Stuart Clark, writing reviews and interviews, and overseeing the magazine’s social media strategy. Though she recently departed for pastures new, she remains a contributor to HP. Before that, she stayed in college for as long as was humanly possible to avoid facing the real world. As a result, she has a Degree in English, Media and Cultural Studies from Dún Laoghaire IADT, and a Masters in Gender and Women’s Studies from Trinity College. Based in HP’s Production Department by day, at night she sheds the Clark Kent-style disguise and roams the streets in search of mischief and/or gigs to review.

Articles by Maeve Heslin