Ireland's biggest folk metal band, Cruachan, announce new album release date

One of Ireland’s most successful heavy metal bands ever (and creators of the ‘Folk Metal’ genre), Cruachan, have announced the date of the release of their 8th studio album, Nine Year of Blood. It will be out on April 27.

This will be Cruachan’s second album for Trollzorn and the third and final episode of the ‘blood’ trilogy that also birthed 2011’s Blood On The Black Robe’ and 2014’s Blood for the Blood God.

Nine Years of Blood is a concept album telling the story of the epic Nine Years War fought between Ireland and England hundreds of years ago.

Keith Fay suggests that Nine Years of Blood may be Cruachan’s most varied album:

‘Listening to Nine Years of Blood, it’s clear that this is our most diverse album to date. While it’s still full of the trademark Irish folk sections, there is also a lot of classical music influences. The full spectrum of metal, from extreme black metal, to speed and thrash is covered, bringing the ‘trilogy of blood’ to a close on a real high and hinting at even greater things to come in future.’

Cruachan may be celebrating a 25th anniversary show this year, but the members are enjoying one of the most successful periods in the band’s career with shows all over the world. The band have just returned from a successful Scandinavian tour with Manegarm and will be touring South America in June before taking on a number of prestigious festivals in Europe and beyond.

Nine Years of Blood track listing:

1. I am Tuan

2. Hugh O’Neill – Earl of Tyrone

3. Blood and Victory

4. Queen of War

5. The Battle of the Yellow Ford

6. Cath na Brioscai

7. The Harp, the Lion, the Dragon and the Sword

8. An Ale before Battle

9. Nine Years of Blood

10. The Siege of Kinsale

11. Flight of the Earls

12. Back Home in Derry


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