THE SOUTH EAST'S ALL-TIME TOP 30 SONGS: Superstar DJ John Gibbons picks some of his favourites

Currently burning up the airwaves with his own 'My Reflection' single, John wants you to consider the following ladies & gents when helping Hot Press & Beat 102-103 to compile our chart...

King Kong Company

“This is the most obvious one for me. Based in Waterford, they’re one of the most exciting bands in the country. Everything they do seems to turn to gold, and they’ve got a killer live performance.”

Robert Grace

“A Kilkenny lad who’s songwriting out in LA at the moment, he did fantastic last year with his track ‘Talk To Me’. He’s got a great voice too and he’s one to keep an eye on.”

Derek Ryan

“A totally different sphere, but Derek Ryan’s been doing his own thing in for years now. He often goes under the radar amongst people who don’t think twice about country music, but he’s a huge artist nonetheless.”

Engine Alley

“They were from Kilkenny and they they were one of the best Irish bands of the ’90s. They’re a good example of a band who really threatened to go massive globally, but never quite got there in the end.”

Captain Moonlight

“Probably the first person to bring serious, conscious rap music to the south-east.”

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