Juno Falls attracts famous fan

Hot Press has long been a fan of Dublin songwriter Myles O'Reilly, aka Juno Falls – but it seems he's recently picked up a more high-profile admirer...

There was Myles O'Reilly, sitting in a cafe in Cannes, indulging in a bit of star spotting, when who should approach him but Mr Brad Pitt...

He'd been busy acting nonchalant when Brad got up to leave the cafe, making his way towards Myles. Suddenly the Hollywood star was standing in front of him, smiling and reaching to shake his hand. "I saw you play live recently, and I really like your album," he said, before heading off with a friendly pat on the shoulder.

Dumbfounded, Myles wracked his brain to think of when Brad could've seen him play. He guessed he would've spotted one of the most famous actors in the world if he'd been hanging out at one of his smaller shows in Ireland or Europe, so he's assuming Pitt caught him at the Bologna street festival he played last July.

To Myles' surprise, Juno Falls were booked to top the bill at the festival, and he was met with a crowd of thousands in the large city square. Brad Pitt, it appears, was hiding amongst the crowd.

If you want to check out what had Mr Pitt so interested, you can see Juno Falls at the Greystones Theatre, Wicklow on October 24; Roisin Dubh, Galway (with full band, October 29); and The Olympia, Dublin (with full band, December 13).


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