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My Boy: The Philip Lynott Story (Fully Updated)

My Boy: The Philip Lynott Story (Fully Updated) €14.99 [plus P&P]

This fully updated version of My Boy documents the story of rock Legend Philip Lynott. Written by the woman who knew him best - his mother Philomena - the book charts the heady days of Thin Lizzy and the tragic chain of events which ended her son's life and plunged her into a fierce depression from which she only slowly recovered. Also included in this updated edition are interviews with the brother and sister Philip never knew he had.

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Selected Recordings 2000 - 2010

Selected Recordings 2000 - 2010 by Olaf Tyaransen: €14.99 [plus P&P]

In this special collection, Olaf Tyaransen gathers his most memorable interviews from the past decade. Among his eclectic mix of interviewees, Olaf meets pop icon Lady Gaga, Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, Irish legends U2, Shane MacGowan and Sinead O'Connor, and porn star Ron Jeremy.

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A Man In A Woman's World

A Man In A Woman's World by Jackie Hayden €11.99 [plus P & P]

A Man in A Woman's World is a highly personal and revealing story in which the author Jackie Hayden, reflects on the time he spent inside what is almost exclusively a female domain...

Jackie spent eight years on the Management Committee of a Rape Crisis Centre, including four as Chairperson. Many of his experiences were extremely positive, but along the way he became increasingly aware of what he saw as a deeply-rooted strain of often virulent anti-male sexism that was accepted by many women in the Rape Crisis Network.

In a powerful and frequently unsettling book, Hayden argues that this hostility to men is no less pernicious than male sexism towards women.

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A Map Of Love – Around Wales With Dylan Thomas

A Map Of Love – Around Wales With Dylan Thomas: €12.99 [plus P&P]

In this volume, published by Iconau Books, Jackie Hayden describes the places and people of Wales he has come to love. His knowledge has been gained through his own experience as a tourist. It is through music that he first came to engage with the traditional culture of Wales and then through musoc too that he became aware of the work of Dylan Thomas.

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The Rooms

The Rooms by Declan Lynch €9.99 [plus P & P]

The Rooms, already an Irish bestseller, is the third novel from Declan Lynch and has already been hailed by writers as diverse as Fintan O'Toole, John Waters and Liam Fay.

"It will dazzle you and break your heart. A truly great Irish novel," Fay said and, well, he's right.

Now in a paperback edition with a cover featuring an original painting by the Dublin artist Rasher.

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Diary of a Man

Diary of a Man by Dermod Moore €14.99 [plus P & P]

Diary Of A Man is the first work by Dermod Moore, aka the Bootboy columnist with Hot Press. It is a powerfully uninhibited, searingly honest, sexually driven and finely written account of one person's journey through the myriad attractions and pitfalls of being a free agent in contemporary society.

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My Boy: The Philip Lynott Story

My Boy: The Phillip Lynott Story by Philomena Lynott with Jackie Hayden. €25 [plus P & P]

My Boy is the story of rock Legend Philip Lynott as told by the woman who brought him into the world - his mother. The book charts the heady days of Thin Lizzy and the tragic chain of events which ended her son’s life and plunged her into a fierce depression from which she only slowly recovered.

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Celebrations took place yesterday at the Philip Lynott Exhibition in Stephen's green Shopping Centre to commemorate the great man's birthday

(92 articles in total in archive)

NEWS: 04 Jan 2016
The Thin Lizzy legend died 30 years ago today

NEWS: 28 Oct 2015
The 30th edition promises something to be something special.

NEWS: 21 Aug 2015
The 30th 'Vibe for Philo' will take place in Vicar Street in January 2016

NEWS: 05 Jan 2015
The 29th annual celebration of the words and music of Dublin’s favourite musical son saw a stellar line-up at the Thomas Street venue, offering a marathon...

NEWS: 17 Dec 2014
Cowboy Song has been given the blessing of Philip Lynott's estate.

NEWS: 26 Aug 2014
Philomena Lynott was on flying form, as were the fantastic acts at last Friday's Remembering Philip event presented by Hot Press in association with Radio Nova.

NEWS: 22 Aug 2014
A host of top notch Lizzy tribute acts will pay homage to Phil Lynott.

NEWS: 21 Aug 2014
Philomena, friends and fans gathered at Philip Lynott's favourite haunt to mark what would have been his 65th birthday last night.

NEWS: 19 Aug 2014
Irish rock legend Phil Lynott would have turned 65 today and team Hot Press will be celebrating the event in style this Friday as Julie Feeney, David...

NEWS: 10 Jul 2014
Hot Press , in association with Radio Nova, is pleased to announce that the exclusive 'Remembering Philip' evening will take place on Friday, August 22...

NEWS: 30 May 2014
Developed by Hot Press in conjunction with Philomena Lynott and the Roisin Dubh Trust, this special initiative has officially reached it's target.

NEWS: 16 Apr 2014
A letter from Philip Lynott’s school principal has just been unearthed, accusing him of being "deliberately careless" with his school report on the way...

NEWS: 20 Feb 2014
The book of the exhibition, Philip Lynott: Still In Love With You, has been launched as PledgeMusic project.

NEWS: 17 Feb 2014
Fans called upon to add to the most comprehensive story of Ireland's greatest rock star!

NEWS: 14 Feb 2014
Why not treat the beloved Lizzy fan in your life this Valentine's weekend?

NEWS: 10 Jan 2014
The late rocker's mother talks about the worldwide adoration of her son, her joy upon seeing The Philip Lynott Exhibition and explains the project, which...

NEWS: 03 Jan 2014
The Book of the Exhibition PledgeMusic campaign launched. For the first time ever... be part of Rock History by stepping inside the Life and Times of...

NEWS: 19 Dec 2013
January 4 is the date when we celebrate the 28th Vibe.

NEWS: 26 Nov 2013
More details of the 28th Vibe For Philo, Fight Or Fall, have emerged. Taking place on January 4 in Vicar St., those remembering the Thin Lizzy mainman

NEWS: 30 Sep 2013
This January will see the 28th annual commemoration to Phil Lynott take place in Dublin’s The Button Factory.

NEWS: 15 Aug 2013
The Phil Lynott statue was re- unveiled this morning at a packed ceremony outside Bruxelles on Harry Street.

NEWS: 07 Aug 2013
The Phil Lynott statue is due to return to its home on Harry Street on August 15 at 11am.

NEWS: 10 May 2013
The mystery as to what happened the Philip Lynott statue in Dublin's Grafton Street appears to have been solved

NEWS: 10 May 2013
The bronze tribute to the late Thin Lizzy star is being sent for repairs.

NEWS: 07 Dec 2012
It was recognised at the Irish Magazine Awards.

NEWS: 28 Sep 2012
The expo sadly finishes up this weekend...

NEWS: 26 Sep 2012
Philip Lynott's 'The Boys Are Back In Town' is still being used as intro music at Republican Party rallies...

NEWS: 24 Sep 2012
As the sun sets on The Philip Lynott Exhibition, metaphorically at least, Nashville singer-songwriter Andy Davis is due to perform a live-set at 11am,...

NEWS: 14 Sep 2012
The controversy over the use of 'The Boys Are Back In Town' by the Mitt Romney campaign intensified today, with the Philip Lynott estate insisting on a Cease...

NEWS: 20 Aug 2012
The Philip Lynott Exhibition is celebrating what would have been the rocker's 63rd birthday...

The Palace of Wisdom: Confessions of the Famous and Infamous

The Palace of Wisdom by Olaf Tyaransen €13.99 [plus P & P] or buy all three Olaf Tyaransen books for €27.95 [plus P & P]

Gerry Adams angrily denying he might have sympathy for Osama Bin Laden...Allen Ginsberg confessing his membership of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)...Will Self talking about the pitfalls of taking smack on John Majors campaign jet...Booker Prize Winner DBC Pierre recalling his mis-spent youth...English Artist Sebastian Horsley explaining why he decided to have himself crucified in the Phillipines...Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell recalling the night she almost killed herself...Drug dealer Allen Long explaining his $350,000 a month U2s Adam Clayton, Sinead O'Connor, Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams and much, much more.

The road of excess takes many routes -from the recreational to the political-but in the hands of Olaf Tyaransen they all end up in the palace of Wisdom.

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Sex Lines
Sex Lines by Olaf Tyaransen €12.99 [plus P & P] or buy all three Olaf Tyaransen books for €27.95 [plus P & P]

Sex Lines: a collection of stories of sexual excess that centred around an original account of a trip to the Ukraine to find a mail-order bride.

Also features: Behind The Scenes Of A Porn Movie
First Hand At A UK Spanking Club
and many more.

Order this book.

The Story of O
The Story of O by Olaf Tyaransen €12.99 [plus P & P] or buy all three Olaf Tyaransen books for €27.95 [plus P & P]

On a special Hot Press commission, Tyaransen ran for election to parliament in Ireland on a Cannabis Legalisation ticket, plunging himself into national controversy. His subsequent best-selling memoir, The Story Of O, was widely hailed as one of the most extraordinary works of autobiography to have emerged from Ireland.

Order this book.

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