The Simpsons concludes its season premiere with an urgent appeal to support Puerto Rico

Leaving humour aside a moment, the animated comedy concluded its 29th season premiere with an urgent appeal to support Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria wrought havoc upon the Caribbean island two weeks ago.

The premiere, titled 'The Serfsons', which parodied fantasy shows such as Game of Thrones concluded with an image of the Springfield cast holding the Puerto Rican flag in anger.

Symbolic in that it showed Homer and Bart Simpson being supported by characters whom they typically classified as an enemy, overcoming certain differences to unite for the cause, a far more direct message was carried by Marge Simpson, who held up a sign, which said 'Unido', the Spanish word for unite. The image has since been reposted to Twitter to includes the names of organisations such as UNICEF, One Appeal America and Save the Children, all of which have been working to support the island during its current crisis.

The situation in Puerto Rico remains dire, as only 5% of its electrical grid has been restored, while less than half of the island's residents are currently living without water. At present, the death toll is 16 people, however, no official number has been presented, nor has this count been updated since Wednesday 27th September.


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