"The Increase In Child Homelessness At Christmas Is Particularly Shameful"

Only 2,428 units out of a possible 6,946 used for social housing, according to the latest figures. The information comes as homelessness numbers have soared with 3,300 children now homeless this Christmas, an unprecedented number.

Figures revealed that only one in three of the units identified by NAMA for social housing have actually been utilised by local authorities.

The PQ data highlights that, as of September 2017, over 4,000 units have not been used for social housing as planned.

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Housing Barry Cowen TD told us: “The latest homelessness figures are a moral shame.

"The housing crisis has been ongoing for many years now and the Government has simply failed to get to grips with it.

"There are also 100,000 people stuck on housing waiting lists across Ireland and that number looks set to increase due to Government inaction.

“The most up to date figures on the underutilisation of NAMA units is a damning indictment of Government strategy."

Local authorities have refused over 4,000 units and even failed to take up almost 400 more that they had identified as suitable for social housing, Deputy Cowen claims.

“The increase in child homelessness at Christmas is particularly shameful. It should focus minds in Government that 3,300 children are in such dire circumstances at what should be a special time for them," he adds.

"The failure to make the most of NAMA units has been fully confirmed by these figures. The Government should ensure all remaining available units are now taken up.

"In addition, the projected €3bn profit by NAMA should be invested in a new social housing provision vehicle as a matter of priority.”


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