Onyx rapper Fredro Starr Stranded In Dublin

He has had his battles with 50 Cent and DMX – but the feted US rapper's latest beef is with Aer Lingus...

No one knew that American rapper and actor Fredro Starr was coming to Ireland. In fact, even he didn’t.

But the former Onyx star, turned solo artist, was among the air passengers whose travel plans were severely affected by the so called Beast from the East.

Starr was apparently en route to Prague, in the Czech Republic, for an Onyx show on Saturday, when things started to go horribly awry.

"We got on in Chicago," he told RTÉ News at Dublin Airport. "So we got to Dublin. We had to fly over Dublin. Then they circled around the airport.”

Things, it seems were looking grim. And then they got even grimmer.

"Then we flew to Shannon Belfast,” the hip hopper, who has had a bitter verbal battle with rapper 50 Cent, claimed. "Stayed on the runway three hours – three hours! – no water, nothing.

"This is Aer Lingus,” he added disparagingly. "Got off the runway, took a charter bus to the train station. Train station to the bus. Bus to the airport [Dublin]."

What a long strange trip it’s been, he might have said, but didn’t. How or when Starr – whose latest album Firestarr 2 is scheduled for 2018 release – will get to Prague remains to be seen. But there was an amused reaction on Twitter to his belief that Shannon is in Belfast.

"God love the poor American on the news who said he landed in Shannon, Belfast. Must have been some shock being in two places at once,” Darina Y25 said.

“That’s hilarious,” Kelley 1114 added.

We wondered might all of this be a clever ploy to confuse the DUP and to undermine Brexit. We certainly hope so!



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