Factory Floor 'Factory Floor'

Latest DFA Signings Deliver Superb Debut

London “post-industrial” trio Factory Floor have finally gotten around to releasing their debut album, a mere eight years after forming. Of course, there have been numerous EPs, singles and 12 inches in the interim, some boasting remixes from the band’s creative inspirations, New Order drummer Stephen Morris and Throbbing Gristle member Chris Carter, which have traced the band’s evolution from arty experimentalists to dancefloor-friendly groove merchants.

Factory Floor’s transformation has been so complete that they’ve ended up on James Murphy’s DFA label, which ten years into its existence continues to exhibit remarkably good taste. The industrial and art-rock influences incorporated by Nik Void and co have put a distinctive spin on the basic DFA electro format, giving their sound a harder edge than might be normally associated with the label.

Still, it all boils down to whether or not the rhythms get you moving, and on that front Factory Floor have delivered in spades. The likes of ‘Turn Up It Up’ and ‘Fall Back’ are all blistering electro workouts, based around pulsating synth riffs and irresistible percussive grooves. Best of all is the sublimely good ‘How You Say’, which blends storming synth riffs, cowbell and industrial noise – all topped off by a wonderfully hypnotic vocal from Void – into six minutes-plus of dancefloor bliss.

For once, we can welcome industrial action with open arms.

Key Track: 'How You Say'


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