HOT FOR 2017: Donal Dineen returns with This Ain't No Disco

The seminal alternative music show has been resurrected online, and this time it's 100% independent...

Frustrated by the lack of TV opportunities for emerging Irish artists, former No Disco presenter Donal Dineen and Myles O’Reilly of Arbutus Yarns renown have launched This Ain’t No Disco, an online 45-minute alternative music show showcasing the likes of Lynched, Patrick Kelleher, Katie Kim and Niwel Tsumbu.

“We are astounded at the range and quality of the music that is being made in this country and equally aghast at how absent it is from the mainstream media," reads their mission statement. "I strongly believe that we are living in a golden age of music in Ireland. There is a new generation of people making sounds that are widening our horizons inexorably. I salute them. They should be lauded, not ignored. But when it comes to broadcasting, apart from a few notable exceptions, the wires are down and the lights have all but been extinguished. The music lovers have been shafted and dispensed with all over the shop.

“It's become a numbers game. The lowest common denominator is the modus operandi at most radio stations. People are being denied exposure to anything new or challenging. As a result it's inevitable that tastes are being dulled. We need to seriously look at how we treat people who make such brilliant art. Enabling them to work on their practice with the benefit of some kind of funding is imperative. Some of the greatest music-makers I know have to work day jobs or are made feel like spongers. What a joke. Life would be so much duller without these heroes and soldiers on the ground. Something must change.

“Providing studio or rehearsal space would be a start. It's not difficult to discern who are the ones deserving of this. Their struggles should be our concern. The joy of experiencing great music is inestimable. When it's homemade it tastes all the better. The pride that comes with the recent success of Lynched is a prime example. There's an army of these people ready to represent us on the world stage but it seems like nobody in positions of power has the foresight to recognise this and act upon it.

“So in our own small way we made a decision to do our bit. In sharing it this way we are bypassing all the normal channels and cutting out the middleman. Let's face it. The middleman is a dope. Here's to the true believers. Hang on in there.”

For the young whippersnappers among you, the original No Disco aired from 1993-2003 on RTÉ and provided the likes of David Gray, The Frames, David Kitt and The Divine Comedy with invaluable early exposure.

Variously presented by Dineen, the late Uaneen Fitzsimons and Leagues O’Toole, its sudden cancellation resulted in a petition signed by thousands, but which sadly failed to earn it a reprieve.

This Ain’t No Disco has already clocked up over 100,000 views, which you suspect is a bigger audience than it would have got going out late night on RTÉ.


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