WATCH: Music Video for 'Love, Hate & Drugs' by DAVIIS

Teens will do what unsupervised teens do

This new music video features graffiti, skating, kids in love, alcohol, and presumably weed. It's reminiscent of the adolescence of many.

DAVIIS sold out Whelan's and now you have the chance to take in what they've been putting out.

“Love Hate and Drugs is a song that explores the classic love division between what once was had, and lost, between two people. The song intends to describe the flurry of emotions and physical responses that come when you lose something you had, which is then thwarted by someone else taking it further away from you. The music video, produced by David Fox, explores this dynamic in quite an abrupt sense and accurately describes the emotions we had hoped to depict from the song. This narrative has been told in many songs, but I still feel that it is very prevalent in the modern day, where the chain events that precede lost-love are better understood.” — Gavin Davis

Simple Words, Complex World has been out since January and is the group's debut EP. Watch below.


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