Canadian indie-rock musical 'collective' Broken Social Scene has anywhere from five to 17 members at a time. The band's oft changing lineup has included at times members of Metric, Stars and Feist. In May, the group released their fourth full-length album 'Forgiveness Rock Hard'.


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Forgiveness Rock Record

Classy baroque pop from Canadian indie all-stars

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Broken Social Scene stream tracks from new album

Forgiveness Rock Record sounds like an absolute cracker!

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Broken Social Scene presents: Brendan Canning - Something for all of us

The second in command of the good ship Broken Social Scene, for quite some time he’s been in the shadows of the band’s co-founder Kevin Drew.

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Broken Social Scene return

After several solo sojourns, Broken Social Scene are back together and will be playing Dublin in May.

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Fissure man's blues

With their affirmative vibes and sprawling line-up, indie heroes Broken Social Scene are a sight to behold. But keeping this 40-legged rock machine on the road isn't always exactly a romp in the playground, confesses fromtman keving Drew.

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Broken Social Scene return to Dublin

Maybe it's good ol' Molly Malone or the quaintness of the Ha' Penny Bridge - whatever the reason, the fact is Broken Social Scene can't stay away.

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Broken Social Scene live @ Mandela Hall, Belfast

They say less is more. Obviously ‘they’ hadn’t seen Broken Social Scene. I quickly ran out of fingers trying to count exactly how many individuals comprise this rampaging Canadian horde. But, hey, let’s not worry about quantifying the experience, it’s the quality that counts, right?

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The go! scene

Toronto supergroup Broken Social Scene have been christened this year’s Arcade Fire. No wonder they look so worried.

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Broken Social Scene prepare for 3 hour Dublin gig

You read right.

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Broken Social Scene

A dark, dank melancholy drifts over Broken Social Scene, the latest in an unfortunate series of Canadian bands lumbered with the ‘new Arcade Fire’ tag. In truth, the Toronto group traffic in sounds far stranger and more otherworldly than that of their Montreal compatriots.

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Broken Social Scene upgrade gig

Phenomenal ticket demand means that Broken Social Scene’s Dublin debut on February 11 has been switched from Crawdaddy.

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