Only in Hot Press: Anne Sexton on Prostitution

Hot Press columnist Anne Sexton broaches the thorny issue of sex for sale.

In the new issue of Hot Press, Anne Sexton examines the controversial topic of prostitution and sex trafficking.

Anne mentions her friend who works the graveyard shift in an internet café. Late at night, this friend has noticed that the majority of clientele are young, male and drunk.

Having failed to score in the nightclub next door, instead of calling it a night these men have decided to exchange cash for sex.

Anne's own research has revealed that many men who use escorts are lonely and what they are after is a 'girlfriend experience' – sex with a woman who seems to like them and who wants to spend time with them.

"Some regard these appointments as dates and even believe the escorts are genuinely horny and selling sex for the sheer love of it."

Though she has mixed emotions on prostitution, everybody has a right to do what they want with their own body, Anne believes that sex should be "about pleasure, intimacy or even just mutual physical need. Most of all it should be consensual."

You can read more of Anne's thought provoking piece in the new issue of Hot Press out today, 9 September. To buy a copy of the current issue, please click here.


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