Larry Mullen Hits Right Note For Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper believes that getting the U2 drummer to collaborate with him in the recording studio brought a “unique” flavour to his new album, which is out this week.

Alice Cooper is certainly what you'd call a seasoned pro after recording some 27 albums. Yet some things still surprise him, as he says that even he was taken aback by the professionalism of Larry Mullen on his new album ‘Paranormal’,

“Larry was great – he came in and he goes ‘let me see the lyrics’. I’ve never had a drummer ask me for the lyrics. He said ‘I interpret the lyrics in the drums’, and I said ‘well absolutely then – here’s all the lyrics’. That’s how he plays. He really did a great job on the album,” says Alice Cooper.

“Using Larry Mullen on drums was really different,” Cooper told NME. “To bring the U2 drummer into an Alice Cooper world gave us a different flavour."

Cooper, who plays the Olympia in Dublin on 8 August as part of his UK and Irish tour, believes that his new album is probably his best to date. “I don’t think I have written my best songs yet. I think any good artist has to think like that – 27 albums and you think you’ve written some pretty great songs,” he confesses.

“They were chart-busters and all that, but you have to have the feeling that you haven’t written your best song yet, and you haven’t done your best show yet. If you don’t have that attitude, you might as well just quit – because now you’re just drecking. You trudging up old stuff.”


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