Ängie Opens Up About Battle With Depression

The Swedish star, who caused huge controversy with her debut single 'Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’ in 2017, has candidly revealed that she feels "sad all the time".

Ängie said that she believes that talking openly about mental health problems plays a huge role in helping others battle their own inner demons.

In an interview with NME, Ängie said: “I’ve always been quite open about being sad all the time. It’s not a big deal for me anymore, because that’s how I empower other people – just by telling them that everything is fucked up and it’s OK to feel fucked up. There’s not a person on this planet who feels great all the time."

Ängie added: “I get a lot of messages from people about their suicidal thoughts. I feel like I’m helping a lot of people to accept themselves and get better.”

Asked what advise she would give to people suffering from mental health problems, she said: "“Find some kind of hobby and stress relief. When I feel bad, I like to paint or write something about why I feel bad. Or just cry and talk about it with someone.

"As soon as I get it out, I feel better. If you bottle it up, then you just feel hateful. You really have to talk about real shit with people, rather than just gossip and stuff. You’d be surprised how much deeper stuff you have in common.”

She also said that she found writing songs to be therapeutic.

“Every time I get a song out there it feels like a relief. I feel really bad when I don’t write a song about these things. I get super upset, sad or feel really bad. I have to write about these things or it just builds up and gets worse,” Ängie said.


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