Trailer for new Irish music documentary— Kíla: Pota Óir

Peek into the musical lives of one of Ireland’s most acclaimed live bands.

Now here’s a trailer that will make you want to grab your bodhrán and head to the nearest trad session available. Members of the cult band Kíla narrate the teaser, which is interspersed with snippets of their music that stunningly merges trad, folk and other elements from contemporary music styles.

In a monochrome palette that is fitting for the deep musings offered up by band members about the nature of performing and energising audiences, viewers are granted an intimate insight into the inner-workings of this captivating, eclectic outfit. Directed by Dublin-born director Anthony White, who followed the band’s electric tour, Kila: Pota Óir will be screened at New York's Craic Fest and at the San Francisco Irish Film Festival, both on March 10th, and at the Irish Film Festival London on March 18th. Catch it on our shores in the IFI on March 29th.

Anyone who has seen Kíla live will reminisce fondly by watching this trailer, while anyone who hasn’t will be yearning to. An-mhaith ar fad.


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