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Fluoride Scandal: Harvard Professor Links Fluoride To Brain Toxicity

Dr. Philippe Grandjean, adjunct Professor of Environmental Health at Harvard University has highlighted fluoride as one of a menu of chemicals identified as dangerous to brain toxicity.

The Hot Press Newsdesk, 22 Apr 2013

In his most recent book – Only One Chance: How Environmental Pollution Impairs Brain Development - and How to Protect the Brains of the Next Generation – the renowned physician and public health specialist exposes the hidden dangers of industrial chemicals, including fluoride, and describes the vulnerability of the developing human brain to these toxic chemicals.

Fluoride is listed alongside mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), arsenic, and certain pesticides and solvents that pose an insidious threat to the development of the next generation's brains.

Regarding fluorides, Dr. Grandjean states that "fluorides are known to cause brain toxicity and neurological symptoms in humans” and fluoride substances are “known by 2012 to cause adverse effects on the human nervous system”.

Professor Grandjean has previously contacted Irish Environmental Scientist Declan Waugh thanking him for his reports, and commenting on the exposure of infants to fluoride observed “I believe that neurotoxicity is a crucial, potential effect of fluoride exposure during early life”.

Declan Waugh has repeatedly raised many serious concerns regarding fluoride exposure not least regarding the overexposure of Irish bottle fed infants to fluoride when formula milk is made up with fluoridated tap water.

Dr. Grandjean presents and interprets extensive research on the impact of these common chemicals that have been released into the environment in the past 40 years with no testing for toxicity, and links them to the rise in neurodevelopmental disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and autism in this generation.

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