Dublin to get its own Crisp Festival

Brace yourself for the mother of all snack attacks on June 16 & 17...

Team Hot Press is all sorts of excited about the Eatyard Crisp Festival, which is taking place next to Dublin’s very fine Bernard Shaw pub on June 16 and 17. We’re expecting Anchorman-style car-park stand-offs between Tayto and King diehards who’ll then join forces to see off these hipster Keogh’s and O’Donnell’s types.

The myriad potato-related attractions include:

Bottomless (crisp) brunch

Mix n Match crisp DIY sandwich

Retro Crisps

Crisp eating competition

Crisps & Cans (together at last)

Tayto Vs King – A serious debate

Crisp Tasting Menu (Private Dining)

Crisps specials from all our vendors


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