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Delorentos: "It's fun again!"

Ronan Yourell has been talking to Hot Press about the tumultuous events which lead to him quitting and then re-joining Delorentos, all in the space of a few months.

The Hot Press Newsdesk, 21 May 2009

“I’m sure some people are like, ‘Jeez, what was yer man playing at?’ but there was a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff last year that really affected me,” Ronan tells us. “First of all, we spent six months negotiating with a consortium who were putting a new business model together, only for the deal to implode at the signing contracts stage because of the recession. We’ve always been very independent and done things for ourselves, so letting somebody else in and it going wrong kind of knocked us out of our stride.”

Subsequent attempts to give their debut In Love With Detail album a UK release floundered when their distribution company, Pinnacle, went bust.

“We really wanted to have a go at cracking the UK with In Love With Detail, and to have the rug pulled from under us twice took more out of me than I initially thought it had. We were at a low ebb, and one day I woke up thinking, ‘I don’t know if I can do this anymore’.”

This disillusionment lead to Ronan telling the rest of the lads he was leaving, and them deciding they didn’t want to continue as Delorentos without him.

“I tried to stay offline for a few weeks, but it filtered through from friends and family that people were sad that we wouldn’t be going on,” he resumes. “It’s strange having your own obituaries read out to you, but I was genuinely very touched by some of the things that were said.”

When Delorentos decided to go ahead with the recording of their second album as a swansong, Ronan was still intent on quitting afterwards but changed his mind when the creative juices started to flow.

“It sounds corny, but once it was just about the music again I remembered how much I love the band,” he enthuses. “Fortunately, they hadn’t gone out and replaced me with somebody else, and I was able to say, ‘Will you take me back?’”

Due in September, You Can Make Sound is described by Ronan as “having a lot more light and shade than the first record. Rather than being stuffed full of hooks and melodies, there’s a bit of room in the sound.

The title-track’s up on our MySpace and will probably be a free download by the time you read this. ‘Secret’ is one of the songs that’s been earmarked as a potential single, and ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘You Say You’ll Never Love’ are two more that we’re really enjoying playing live. It’s fun again!”

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