Messiah J & The Expert ready new album

Messiah J & The Expert release their third album, From The Word Go, through Inaudible Recordings in October.

Assembled between 2006 and 2008 in their own Labbey Road studio, it finds the Dublin hip-hoppers collaborating with singers Leda Egri, Joanne Daly and Ro and Kieran from Delorentos.

The full track-listing is: ‘Year Of The Genie’, ‘Megaphone Man’, ‘Keep The Noise Down’, ‘Turn The Magic On’, ‘Tomorrow Is Too Late’, ‘Jean Is Planning An Escape’, ‘Guess You Had To Be There’, ‘Geography’, ‘Panic Station’, ‘Amnesia Comes Easily’, ‘Looking For A Long Term Thing’ and ‘The Predicament’.

“It has loads of strings and horns on it and it's pretty catchy,” Messiah J reflects. “It’s ballsier, riskier, less cluttered, simpler and definitely more eclectic than any of our previous records. The Expert's music is extremely varied. It has bits of indie, reggae, funk, four to the floor dance, psych and 'theme-tune-walk-in-the-ring' hip hop.”


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All The Other Girls

“Rick Astley, Glenn Medeiros, Shakespeare…” – the beauty of a MJEX record is that you know that it’s going to do something different. This has gone beyond a question of ‘Irish’ hip-hop, the duo make great records full stop and ‘All The Other Girls’ is no exception, a rap track about women that is neither offensive, clichéd, tiresome nor afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve.

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Place Your Bets

Messiah J And The Expert’s wonderfully titled Now This I Have To Hear (insert clever “Now this you have to hear” comment here) put rap firmly on the Dublin ‘Can do’ list. While you won’t be jumping around the place shouting about roofs going up in flames with ‘Place Your Bets’, you will be very impressed by the lyrics, and more than a little excited about the production. Next up: Messiah J retires and The Expert develops his own clothing line.

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Messiah J & The Expert headline new 2FM 2Moro Tour

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