WATCH: New August Wells video

'Alice, Dear Alice' and its parent album have us in a right old tizzy!

August Wells have come up with this very fetching promo for 'Alice, Dear Alice', one of the standouts from their A Living And A Dying Game album which follows in spring 2016.

The band, who open on December 1 for Glen Hansard in New York's Beacon Theater, are lead by former Rollerskate Skinny and Favourite Sons man Ken Griffin.

"I have no idea who Alice really is,” says the owner of one of the richest baritones in rock. “She just arrived in my head one day. I wrote down quickly what I thought of her, then she disappeared. She seemed mischievous and aloof; she seemed to represent the other side of things.

“Someone who saw the worth and worthlessness of living, the point and pointlessness, the hope and hopelessness. She seemed to walk around in the truth, looking with pity on the rest of us. We tried to make the video a simple odd portrait of Alice, nearly coming apart, nearly taking part, almost laughing.”

We're not ones for over-using the 'm' word, but we've been listening to that new LP of theirs and it's a bit of a masterpiece.


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