Mik Artistik's Ego Trip to play the Grand Social next week

The trio will be in the Loft at the Grand Social, Dublin on November 3rd.

This comes ahead of the band's latest album, titled Sound, which is out at the end of November with a date to be confirmed.

"It’s called Sound because it’s sound, but it’s also music", Mik said in coversation to Hot Press ahead of the show. "No self aggrandizing titles, y'know. It should arrive in our hands on November 17th, plus it's our first one on vinyl."

Speaking a little about his eccentric and idiosyncratic style, Mike said to expect "mischief" at the show next Friday.

"It comes from watching Monty Python or The Goon Show. That was my rock n roll, I just loved the way they could make these songs about shirts and their way of using language. Combine those lovely words with kick ass punk. That's where I come from."

Keep an eye out for their off-beat merchandise too, which includes tea pots and masking tape. The latter, Mik says, "came about because of Johnny, our guitarist. He’s an entrepreneur, who knows how to be pushing the brand. He wanted masking tape. Wasn't so sure at first, but it sticks, it works."

Doors open at 20.00.

Tickets cost €14.00 and can be purchased here.

Listen to the band's tribute to David Bowie, 'David Bowie Was a Funny Man' here:


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