Major Mic Christopher retrospective in the Hot Press 2016 Annual

Glen Hansard is among those recalling his rock 'n' roll friend

Hitting newsstands nationwide tomorrow, the bumper 2016 Hot Press Annual includes a major retrospective on the late and much missed Mic Christopher.

Among those contributing to the six-pager are his sister Maureen Christopher and musical pals Mark Dignam, Colm Mac An Iomaire, Ronan O Snodaigh and Glen Hansard.

“I joined this band called Hank Halfhead & The Rambling Turkeys and Mic came along as our roadie, so that me and him could hang out,” Glen reminisces. “We travelled the whole country together in a band that was making good money, so we rented this flat right above the Harcourt Hotel. That flat became legendary. Everyone would show up there and then we’d all walk down to Grafton Street to do our (busking) thing.”

Glen also recalls the moment when Mic was asked to support his heroes, The Waterboys.

“Mic was so fucking happy, man. He was ecstatic to get an email from Mike Scott direct. It blew his fucking mind.”

Accompanied by a score of previously unseen photos, Margaret Miller’s touching The Life + Death Of Mic Christopher tribute is a reminder, if any were needed, of the precious talent we lost.

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