Irish Govt. to Hold Unique Cabinet Meeting At IT Sligo

The Irish Government will be travelling from Dublin to Sligo on 16 February to hold a unique cabinet meeting at IT Sligo before officially launching the ‘Ireland 2040’ National Planning Framework and the State's ten year capital investment plan.

Fine Gael T.D. for Sligo-Leitrim area and Assistant Fine Gael Party Whip, Tony McLoughlin confirmed this morning .

McLoughlin stated: “It is anticipated by many that the Government have chosen Sligo as the desti-nation for the official launch of these two exciting plans as it will feature somewhat in the contents of both announcements, although this remains to be confirmed by Government.

“In December, I invited The Taoiseach to visit Sligo to view just why it needs to be included in the final version of the plan.

"I have worked tirelessly behind the scenes since the draft version of the plan was released. Sligo and the entire North West Region were completely overlooked in my opinion.

“It was unacceptable and I raised my frustrations and anger about it consistently at Fine Gael Par-liamentary Party meetings, with the relevant Ministers in the Dáil, in a submission to the Depart-ment and directly with the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on a number of occasions.

“Following on from this I met the Taoiseach on Saturday in Dublin for political meetings followed by a visit to the Aviva to watch the Irish Rugby game. I have no hesitation in stating that Sligo and the North West was top of the agenda.

“It was here where confirmed to me that the Cabinet will be visiting Sligo next week for the launch.

“I am firmly of the opinion that the Taoiseach wants what I want in terms of balanced regional de-velopment and a better future for the North West region and I am confident that as Taoiseach he will deliver the policies needed to ensure this happens.

He concluded: “Sligo and the North West of Ireland were forgotten about by successive Fianna Fail Governments when this country was awash with money. I am confident Sligo and the North West will not be for-gotten on this occasion."


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