Graham Hopkins pays respect to Elliott Smith

Halite's Graham Hopkins has expressed condolences for Elliott Smith

Halite mainman Graham Hopkins has paid tribute to singer Elliot Smith who was found dead at his LA home earlier this week.

"About five years ago when I was on tour with Therapy in Holland," he says on the band's website, "myself and Martin from the band went to the cinema to see Goodwill Hunting. When we heard Elliot Smith's songs in that film they blew us both away. We went and bought everything he had recorded straight away.

"The first time I heard the song 'Waltz No. 2' was when he played it on his own in Dublin. It was one of those spinetingling moments that doesn't happen that often and one that I won't forget.

"I loved the way his melodies and harmonies were so beautiful. Either/Or or XO are without a shadow of a doubt two of my favourite albums. I'm very sad at the loss of one of the most inspiring musicians to me. I feel very happy to have found his music and to have seen him play live, and to have shaken his hand. I know his music will continue to inspire me."


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