Eels debut new video for ‘Rusty Pipes’

The song comes from the band’s latest album, The Deconstruction, which was released in April of this year.

The video is directed by Matthias Hoene. Hoene also designed the costume of the robot protagonist, and the entire video was shot over a tight two-day schedule. On the video, Hoene said: “When I first listened to the song, I really responded to the theme of being out of sync with your environment and the story almost wrote itself… The hard work was to structure the story to be perfectly in sync with the song, and get every storytelling beat right.”

Since 1996, Eels has released twelve studio albums. Mark Oliver Everett, also known by the stage name E, has released two solo albums: A Man Called E and Broken Toy Shop

Eels will play in Iveagh Gardens in Dublin on 6th July 2018 as a part of their world tour. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.

Watch the new video below.


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He may be unhappy about once again being forced to climb the interview treadmill, but Eels frontman E soon relaxes sufficiently to discuss swimming with sharks in the American music industry and why turning into Beck isn’t on the agenda just yet

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Shootenanny is not quite as elaborate as previous eels records, rejoicing in simple beat group, rockabilly and ballad styles

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