Watch: Death From Above releases a new music video and announces a new album

The new album Outrage! Is Now will be released September 8th.

Death From Above (the band dropped the '1979' from their name on June 6th of this year) has announced they will be releasing a new album later this year. This will be a follow up to 2011's Physical World.

They will also be going on a North American tour to support the new record. There is still no news of a possible European tour.

Death From Above first broke on to the scene with the 2004 release of You're A Woman, I'm A Machine.

Perhaps somewhat erringly, as music journalists are wont to do, they were lumped together with the Dance-Punk and Nu-Rave scenes that were being championed by groups like The Rapture, The Klaxons, and LCD Soundsystem.

In reality, the band was a completely different animal. With killer live shows and a sound that was like angels and porcupines lost in the carnal ecstasy of a Nutella-heavy orgy.

In 2006, only a few years after their debut album, the band broke up due to the usual internal tensions and "creative differences" that have ended countless bands before them.

After pursuing solo projects for a few years, the band reformed in 2011. Part of it was because they were older and wiser, and part of it was because Coachella and other festivals were offering a nice load of cash.

The release of this upcoming record shows that the troubles of the past have not resurfaced.

The most recent music video is a simpler one than their previous release. It is a black-and-white sequence of shots of Jesse F. Keeler and Sebastien Grainger as they smile and ham it up for the camera.

The description of the video says that it was recorded on a cellphone in a London hotel room.

You have to love the DIY mentality of punk music.

Does it still count as punk DIY if you use an expensive iPhone? Such are the existential problems that modern musicians face.

As you contemplate that last thought, enjoy the music video below.


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