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Hot Press Key Facts & Figures

Hot Press is the leading and established publication of its genre. Established in 1977, Hot Press is living proof that you don’t survive, much less move forward, by standing still.

Hot Press has a clear identity. It is leisurely committed reading. Its editorial environment is complementary in creating the ideal vehicle for advertisements O.T.S. and impact.

Change may be vital but longevity can only be assured if certain principles are adhered to. Which is why Hot Press remains a byword for top quality writing on all aspects of popular culture - from music, cinema and comedy to politics, sport and lifestyle and it’s why the famous Hot Press Interview - home over the years to bishops, presidents, authors, actors and rock stars - is still the most quoted in the business.

Circulation: 19,500
Distribution: Fortnightly – Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland


ADVERTISING ON HOTPRESS.COM is running at over 1.5 million page impressions per month, 150-200,000 unique users and boasts an active member base of 80,000,

Banner advertising and button placement are available, as are e-zine adverts - our current mailing list is in excess of 50,000

Membership demographics for
AB: 50%
C1: 36%
C2: 14%

90% of our members are 18-35
45% of whom are 18-25 yrs old and 45% of whom are 26-35 yrs old

52% of our members are male, while 48% are female

Student: 28%
Financial/Professional/ Medical: 27%
Arts/Creative/Media/Entertainment: 16%
Other: 14%
Admin/Clerical/Retail: 8%
Civil/Public Servant Educational/Academic: 7%

CPM (call for quote) €10.00
e-zine ad €550.00 (weekly)
e-card €1,500.00

Button sponsorship varies depending on campaign size and duration



For booking and further details on advertising on and the Hot Press magazine, please contact:

Catherine Madden , Sales Manager
+353 (0)1 2411540
[email protected]

Sheila Kelly , Senior Sales Executive
+353 (0)1 2411540
[email protected]

Karl Hofer , Senior Sales Executive
+353 (0)1 2411540
[email protected]

Susan Clarke, Senior Sales Executive
+353 (0)1 2411540
[email protected]

Vikki Martyn, Sales Executive
+353 (0)1 2411540
[email protected]

Hot Press /
13 Trinity Street
Dublin 2
t: +353 1 2411 500
f: +353 1 2411 538


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