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Sex Column: Transgressive sex has been a vital part of modern popular culture

Condemnation of actors, film directors and rock stars for what are thought of as sexual

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Sex Column: Welcome To The Pleasuredome

Let 2018 become the year when women finally achieve the right to orgasm as often

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Sex Column: On the Art of Flirting

Some have argued that in the wake of various recent international sexual harassment scandals, flirting

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Sex Column: Lesbianism is on the march

As women age we have many great things to look forward to - stretchy pants,

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Did Hugh Hefner's Porn Empire Change the World?

Needless to say there are very divergent views on the effect of the so-called Playboy

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College is all about sex

Okay, that's not entirely true. But when you reach third level, for the majority of

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Sex Column: Crossing cultural boundaries with sex

How often have you strayed from your own close cultural type, in a sexual encounter

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Sex Column: Is monogamy the only option for couples?

A fascinating new book suggests it’s at least worth questioning standard sexual mores...

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Sex Column: I’m Coming, I’m Coming!

No, we are not talking about that moment when you are late for a dinner

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Let's Talk About Sex - Ireland's long, unfinished journey from sexual conservatism to liberalism

40 years ago, like a European Afghanistan, Ireland was hopelessly conservative in relation to sex

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Sex Column: Playing the Whore

It's one of the commonest insults in the English language- and it's usually directed at

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What Sort Of Monster Would Pretend To Use A Condom and Let It Slip Off?

…Or puncture it? They are out there, you know: men and women who are hell

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Sex Column: What Happens When A Man Comes?

Or should that be cums? Well, either way, it is a fascinating question – all

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Sleeping With The Enemy

Would you put up with a racist or a xenophobe if he – or she

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In Sex Does One Size Fit All?

For example, there’s a theory that the way to a woman’s heart is through straightforward

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