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“WOB” refers to the wobbly bassline that is a feature of this Dublin’ duo’s sound. They dabble in electronica, samba, jazz and many more genres. Djollie (drums) and Stephen (synths) came together in 2013 with the mission statement of “turning average shit dancers into John Travolta.”

“In the UK drum & bass is very popular,” explains Djollie. “Rudimental and Netsky work with singers – and we follow their style. We are all musicians from a rock background trying to reverse engineer how DJs make music.”

WOB’s first gig was at the Mercantile, Dublin, a venue which helped the band develop and stretch the limits of genre-meshing. They ran a monthly residency, where they merged their sound with jazz and rock acts for legendary jam sessions. “We were just trying to get them out of their comfort zone,” says Djollie. “It was two hours of straight improvisation, involving DJs and musicians.”

WOB’s upcoming four-track EP, MOVE, features three very experimental D&B tracks. WOB are hoping to draw in fans from the commercial side with radio-friendly songs, as well as the hardcore fans who love to go to raves.

The boys have a host of festival appearances planned and the lofty goal of “trying to put out a release every three months.” Towards that end, WOB are dropping two new videos in the summer, with their next record expected in October.

See: WOB’s EP launch is at Whelan’s on May 14, with 100 limited edition CDs available to buy.

Hear: ‘MOVE’ will be available on iTunes from May 14 and will also be on Spotify.


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