Reese Witherspoon Opens Up About Abusive Relationship

The Hollywood actress has opened up to Oprah about how she's "profoundly" changed after once being trapped in an abusive relationship.

Reese said she left the relationship because she was "psychologically and verbally'' abused.

The 41-year-old, who was once married to Ryan Phillippe with whom she has two children with, said that the experience of being in such a bad relationship has profoundly changed her.

''I could never be the person I am today. It changed who I was on a cellular level, the fact that I stood up for myself," she insisted in an interview with Oprah's Q magazine.

"People say to me that knew me then, 'You're a completely different person'. I didn't have self-esteem. I'm a different person now and it's part of why I can stand up and say, 'yes, I'm ambitious' - because someone tried to take that from me before.''


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