Irish Designers: Jenny Huston and Leah Hewson are producing some truly stunning designs

Designer and former 2FM DJ Jenny Huston has always had a love of jewellery, inspired and encouraged by her mother, a talented goldsmith and gemologist. When Huston left her job as a popular presenter on 2FM, she decided to pursue her design dream properly, and started her first jewellery collection back in March 2014. Edge Only was born; a high-end, unisex jewellery brand for creative people, featuring geometric shapes with rock’n’roll influences such as stars and lightning bolts – a touch influenced by Huston’s love of music.

“I was designing for my friends and colleagues, and the bands I loved and had interviewed, says Huston. “I was thinking, ‘What would they like to wear? What would look cool on him?’ My first collections were ‘Rock & Roll’ and ‘Geometric’ – the two sides of my personality. Classic minimalist statement pieces, and then edgy, playful rock and roll pieces. I wear something from the rock and roll collection almost every day.”

Edge Only proved hugely popular, and people such as Michelle Visage, Angela Scanlon, Aisling Bea, Cassie Stokes, Simone Kirby and Interpol have all worn Huston’s designs.

But her collection also captured the attention of acclaimed Irish contemporary artist Leah Hewson, who approached Huston about a collaboration.

“The icons Jenny uses in her work are very similar to mine, but our aesthetics are polar opposites,” says Hewson. “I thought that working on a collaboration could be really stimulating and lots of fun. I invited Jenny to my exhibition and we hit it off straight away.”

Huston instantly knew that they both shared an artistic vision.

“When Leah took me through her exhibition I was blown away by the layers and detail in each of her pieces,” she enthuses. “I loved the neon and colours, as all my packaging is very black and industrial and minimalist. I saw what she meant – we have all the same reference points but come at it so differently. I loved how her art revealed itself and how the bright colours lifted my mood. So we thought of collaborating on packaging which seemed like a fun project, but then it blossomed.

“I knew she was going to create an original artwork for Edge Only, so I thought the least I could do was create a piece of jewellery inspired by the art. She included the Triple Bolt collection in her painting, but she also had this repeating hexagon pattern, so I started responding to that. I created pieces with a part of the hexagon or the whole shape, but simplifying it down. And before I knew it, I had a whole collection of jewellery.”

Huston and Hewson spent a year working together, inspiring and informing each other’s work. While Hewson’s canvasses are bright and chaotic, Huston’s jewellery is minimal and industrial. The EOxLH jewellery collection featuresthreewomen’s necklaces, one in shimmering 14ct goldwith a Diamond Pavérow; a simpler 14ct gold option;and an alternative in beautiful hallmarked sterling silver.There are also stud earrings in 14ct gold and sterling silver; drop earrings in sterling silver; a men’s heavyweight necklace,; and men’slapelpinand cufflinks, each in sterling silver.

“Someone called the style of the collection ‘Futuristic Deco’, which I quite like,” laughs Huston. “Call us the Blade Runner of jewellery!”

Edge Only x Leah Hewson be purchased from, and prints from


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