Hot Press Track of the Day: Brian Deady 'Steppin' Right Up'

Brian Deady's newest track is a happy go lucky country-fused bop that is assured to make you feel good this summer.

Beginning with a low rhythmic beat which thumps under Deady's masculine drawl, the Irish singer speaks about living life to the fullest.

The song explores the wonderful feeling of returning to one's old self after a period of darkness. Deady says "sure I've been down but today I'm going to town". It launches into a righteously uplifting chorus with a delightfully catchy hook that could lift any listener out of a dreary mood.

The track itself oozes references to the bluesy All-American country boy that dominate the airwaves across the southern end of the USA. Yet Deady's simple and humble approach reminds his audience that he is an Irish man through and through.

Deady is set to be working on a new album that is scheduled for release this year.

Take a listen to the new track here:


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