Louis Brennan Releases Captivating Music Video for ‘Airport Hotel’

The track will appear on his upcoming debut album ‘Dead Capital’

While Dubliner singer-songwriter Louis Brennan does not shy away from the “taboo” topics of society found — bad sex, drunken commuting, the ugly factors of life — he does so in a unique way, incorporating them into varied styles of music and songs. ‘Airport Hotel’ is potentially his most engaging and intimate example of this word craft, now extended into a gorgeous yet emotion visual piece.

Cold-toned rooms clash with the warmth of two bodies, steady shots following two different men with one secret. A hidden love between both, conducted before and after silent contemplations of what goes on between them. While one man twists his wedding band around his finger, the other takes to the gym of this quiet, monochromatic and anonymous airport hotel. There is guilt, there is repression, there is loneliness in both their lives - bar these hidden meetings which spark that passion and longing that keeps both going.

The video for ‘Airport Hotel’ deals with lust and a lack of. It coveys powerful, unspoken words and longing before cutting away to solo, wide shots of the two featured characters retreating back into their own worlds. It makes for content that is difficult to look away from - between the unfolding plot and soft, simple cinematography. Accompanied by the song itself, it is intense but somehow gentle at the same time.

Directed by Martine Skogstad, produced by Hum Hum Production and director of photography is Daniel Jaroschik. Watch the video for yourself here on YouTube.


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