Hot Press presents... The 100 Greatest Irish Albums

Well, the wait is finally over!

After extensive polling of musicians from all around Ireland, the 100 Greatest Irish Albums are now ready to be unveiled.

Over the next week on we'll be revealing the results of the poll and featuring some extended interviews with Kevin Shields talking about Loveless; Colm Mac Cono Iomaire on Dance The Devil; Fearghal McKee on Heartworm; Tom Dunne on Stuck Together With God's Glue and The Clock Come Down The Stairs; Eric Bell and Van Morrison on Astral Weeks; and Phil Chevron on Ghost Town.

And now, over to the poll...

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Van Morrison on Astral Weeks (No. 1/100)

Former Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell talks about his favourite Irish album of all time -- Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks (No. 1/100)

Brian Downey on Live And Dangerous (No. 2/100)

Paul McLoone on The Undertones (No. 5/100)

Fearghal McKee on Heartworm (No. 7/100)

Phil Chevron on Rum, Sodomy And The Lash (No. 8/100)

John Reynolds on The Lion And The Cobra (No. 11/100)

Stephen Murray on Horsedrawn Wishes(No. 14/100)

Terry Woods on If I Should Fall From Grace With God (No. 15/100)

John Reynolds on Seize The Day (No. 20/100)

The Radiators' Phil Chevron reflects on the recording of Ghost Town (No. 26/100)

Colm Mac Con Iomaire looks back on the turbulent making of The Frames 1999 album Dance The Devil (No. 30/100)

My Favourite Irish Album: Tom Dunne on Microdisney’s The Clock Comes Down The Stairs and the recording of Something Happens' Stuck Together With God’s Glue (No. 46/100)

And remember, we've opened THE PUBLIC VOTE here so be sure to cast your own vote on the Peoples' Choice Poll.


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Fearghal McKee on Heartworm (No. 7/100)

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John Reynolds on Seize The Day (20/100)

"It was an album made when it could be made, when the players were around because there was no label, and no funding..."

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John Reynolds on The Lion And The Cobra (11/100)

"Sinéad was pretty relaxed. She didn’t tap into the ‘making a record for the label’ thing. She made music for her own reasons, which were deeper than that. That’s why the songs ring so true..."

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Stephen Murray on Horsedrawn Wishes (14/100)

"As an album, it’s one that I’m happy with at times. I think though there’s a little bit too much high-mid if I’m totally honest! But you know it’s a good record..."

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My favourite Irish album: Tom Dunne

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51-70 of The 100 Greatest Irish Albums

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