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Raw Sessions tonight

The third round takes place tonight

The Hot Press Newsdesk, 26 May 2009

Be sure to tune into RTE 2 tonight at 11.50pm so see Dublin bands Noise Control and Infomatics take to the podium this week with their own blends of rap and electronica.

Watch as they wield their musical swords as they both have to come up with a song from scratch in 12 hours as the camera capture every moment.

Viewers can then vote which song they prefer online and by text. The track will then be available to download, thus moving the band on to the next level.

RSAG won the first round against Sweet Jane and it will be announced tonight whether Dirty Epics or Sickboy will continue on to the next round.

The winner will eventually beome Sony Ericsson Artist Of The Year.

Tonight's show will be repeated on Sunday (May 31) at 00.45am

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