Joker's Daughter

Food-obsessed lyrics tinged with medieval mischief

Clippity clop, clippity clop, clippity clop. Sir Danger Mouse is riding through a glade.

“What is this I see in the clearing?” he says. “Why tis a fair maiden lilting out medieval folk tunes and strumming a lute!”

“Hail sir knight, well met!” calls the damsel, who happens to be Greek Cypriot born Londoner Helena Costas. “Perhaps gentle sir would provide me with occasional backbeats, ethereal electronic sounds, production vibes and a string section?”

And so he did. There’s enough of the old here (Arthurian legends, plucked instruments, string arrangements, flutes and crystal clear, retro-reverbed singing), to the new (drum-machines, occasional power-chords and lyrics about Jaffa Cakes), so that it blends into some thoroughly contemporary, enjoyable, occasionally food-obsessed pop music. It’s very good.

Key Track: ‘Go Walking’


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