Just a Souvenir

Not up to par with his other albums, Tom Jenkinson's latest work is saved only by his name and not his art.

The Warp label gets away with murder these days. This is a ridiculously lazy offering from Square Pusher, aka Tom Jenkinson, which will no doubt be proclaimed as incredibly worthy by the musicaratti who secretly run the world. If this was released on Melodic Martin Records as Glen Simpcock – Bass musician for Hire plus Band, Sample CD Number Two nobody would bat an eyelid and it would be deservedly ignored. And barring the odd concession to the avant gardai it is like such a sample CD with its major chords, jazzy stylings, space synths, and competent instrumental soloing (all instruments are played by Jenkinson himself, the big showoff). So watch as it’s proclaimed as genius by the broadsheets. And laugh.


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