Morning Tide

The Little Ones are, for the most part, pretty melodious producing indie pop fun with touches of Afro-beat, maybe, possibly!

The Wannadiesesque intro track firmly establishes a bedrock of indie-ploddery on which this LA-based outfit set to building the rest of their oeuvre. I can distinctly pick out touches of Afro-beat, what sounds like steel-drums, and some Paul Simon-esque touches in some of the vocals. In the wake of Vampire Weekend’s similarly influenced debut album, this suggests some sort of trend. Hmmm... if I was a news journalist this would no doubt be something of a career-defining scoop (the reviewer strokes his beard and sends a genre-predicting CV off to Pitchfork and Wired). Of course, the comparison is tenuous wishful thinking really, because this is more at home in the heavily populated halls of indie pop than any other genre. And their name is terrible, and the best song is titled ‘Tangerine Visions’ which is also an awful name, suggesting some sort of tragic career hampering naming disorder on the part of the band. But it’s all good fun at the end of the day. Isn’t it?


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