Lovely promiscuous electronica

Now this is a lovely record of weird and wonderful synthesiser songs messed up by Alice In wonderland filters, toy shop beats, and some genuinely inventive and genre-informed guitar playing. Ratatat aren’t monogamous with their genre; they prefer to share the love. Over the course of the album they flirt with epic Ennio Morricone soundscapes, Sesame Street incidental music, dissected funk and soul, playful hip hop, regal reggae and electronic flamenco while never losing their own hard-to-define identity. And what is that identity? Well, they sound like Air if they still went clubbing; like Radiohead if they weren’t so damn self-conscious; and the Buena Vista Social Club if they’d grown up in ‘80s New York rather than communist Cuba in the ‘60s. And all in all that’s very, very good.

Key Track: ‘Black Heroes’

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