Make Another World

This is the sixth album from Idlewild, if we’re counting their debut mini-LP Captain, and it marks a partial retreat to the noisier sonic terrain they covered on earlier records.

This is the sixth album from Idlewild, if we’re...

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This is depressing stuff – stagnant lyrical miserablism, copping optimistic nods at Morrissey and Curtis but entirely lacking in any poetry, mystery or romance. Timid, by the numbers rock that, while affecting to shake up a transatlantic rumble, falls resoundingly flat.

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Idlewild announce Irish headliners

Eager to show their new Tony Hoffer-produced album, Idlewild have announced live dates in Dublin and Belfast

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...robust and angular workouts in the best tradition of guitar pop, managing to sound touchingly vulnerable but toweringly defiant. There is an ever so slight whiff of The Smiths, which speaks volumes about their progress

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Remote control

How Idlewild learned that a whisper is often as startling as a scream

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The Remote Part

Tto this customer, Idlewild are like lettuce, like white bread, like non-alcoholic beer or overcooked vegetables

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American English

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100 Brken Windows

Idlewild's follow-up to Hope Is Important shows no signs of any difficult second album syndrome. It is a vast improvement on their debut, as Roddy Woomble and friends seem to have discovered a more melodic nature, without sacrificing anything of their spiky, almost punk edge.

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