LIVE REPORT: Sepultura, Obscura, Goatwhore & Fit for an Autopsy in the Tivoli Theatre

Brazilian metal titans Sepultura bring an all star line-up to Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre.

The Tivoli has spoiled us with some great metal gigs in the months past, and tonight’s show is no different. Featuring three support acts that are at the forefront of their respective genres, it’s to no surprise that the venue is sold out with elated fans. In support of their latest album Machine Messiah, Sepultura once again play on Irish soil to a frenzied and unified audience. Unusually for a tour such as this, each supporting act are as impressively diverse as the next, each meriting their own headline slot.

Opening the nights proceedings are deathcore outfit Fit for an Autopsy. Performing their first Irish show, the band kick off the evening with a pulverising blow. Commanding every bit of the stage, using it as a podium to preach their brand of musical brutality. FFAA are the heaviest band on the card, with their latest album being hailed as one of the most inspiring heavy albums of the decade. Finishing with the politically charged Black Mammoth, the New Jersey band are a hard act to follow. In step Goatwhore, with a somewhat incapacitated Louis Benjamin Falgoust, having to perch himself on an equipment case due to a leg injury. This however, does not stop him completely taking charge of both the stage and the audience. Leading the crowd into a charge with Chaos Arcane, aided by Zach Simmons powerhouse drumming. German death metal outfit Obscura are well loved for their unfathomable ability and technical talent on their instruments. Playing their guitars at incredible speeds while looking effortless is something in itself worth witnessing. Enjoying every second on stage, Obscura had a surprising amount of smiles on their faces - somewhat of a rarity for a death metal act!

The sense of anticipation for our headliners to take the stage is almost tangible. Bursting onto the stage with new song I am the Enemy, vocalist Derrek Green towers over the audience - who lose their collective minds at the sight of the four Brazilians. Playing live for 30+ years, Sepultura still possess the relentless energy and passion that brought them to their legendary status. Demanding that same energy from the audience, the crowd in the Tivoli respond with frenzied appreciation. While performing chugging anthem Resistant Parasites, a crowd-surfer emerges from the audience brandishing his smartphone - on fire. It’s quite a sight, much to the delight of some onlookers. Axe man Andreas Kisser announces that this year marks the 20 year anniversary of Derrick Green in Sepultura, followed by a brutal rendition of Against.

By the time we come to the second half of their two hour set, the audience are beyond awestruck by the band. In a similar train of thought, Green states the show is one of their best on the tour so far, exclaiming at one point “It sounds like Sao Paulo in here!” Drummer Eloy Casagrande punishes his drum kit to dizzying heights on thrash track Arise, erupting mass chaos amongst the energised enthusiasts. Closing with fan favourites Ratamahatta and Roots Bloody Roots, the admiration and appreciation for the band in the room is overpowering. Truly incredible stuff.


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