MY VINYL SELFIE: Stuart Clark incurred severe parental disapproval by investing in a copy of 'Anarchy In The UK'

It was the best 99 pence our man ever spent...

“The world that had shook on July 6, 1972 when I saw David Bowie and the Spiders perform ‘Starman’ on Top Of The Pops totally fell of its fucking axis on December 1, 1976 when the Sex Pistols cost Bill Grundy his job by swearing their way through their allotted five minutes on Thames Television’s teatime Today show. ‘I don’t want any of their records coming into this house,’ declared my Dad over his supper, which was my cue to sprint down the next morning to WH Smiths and lavish all of my pocket money on a copy of ‘Anarchy In The UK’. Dad had a complete hissy fit when he heard me playing it a trillion times in a row, but after Mum said it was a phase I was going through and that I’d soon get over it, refrained from storming into my room and ripping it off my record-player. Of course, I never got over it or the other bounteous delights the ’76 punk uprising brought me. Along with the Clash, The Damned, Johnny Moped, Slaughter & The Dogs, X-Ray Spex, Generation X, Siousxie And The Banshees, The Saints, The Slits, Menace, The Jerks, The Suburban Studs, Stiff Little Fingers, Rudi, Raped, The Killjoys, The Subway Sect, Wire, The Users, The Drones, Buzzcocks, The Vibrators and loads more, the Pistols and ‘Anarchy In The UK’ changed my life. I’ll get to thank John Lydon (again!) when I interview him next week.”

Treat yourself to some quality vinyl this Saturday as the whole country is gripped by Record Store Day fever!


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