Hot Press Track(s) Of The Day and Album Premiere: The Mad Dalton's Open Season

Scots/Canadian musician Peter GW Sumadh has been marooned in Belfast for over a decade now, serving up a unique blend of alt-folk/Americana. He'll be releasing his debut LP Open Season this Friday, June 15, and Hot Press is giving you a first taste of it.

In his time as a refugee in Northern ireland, Sumadh has crafted a unique style for himself - combining rigorously worked folk songs with the on-the-fly approach of someone who can successfully win over the crowd at the rowdiest bar in town.

From the come-all-ye acoustic balladry of 'The Devil Came To Derry' to the full-band backing on 'Golden Cage' and 'Spirit of Rocky' (there's a slide guitar, accordion, upright bass, trombone and flute all working in harmony there), these are songs from another era, made redolent in the modern day by the charisma of Mr Mad Dalton himself.

Our advice - give your full attention to 'Seafaring Man' and 'Oh Marseille'.

If you like what you hear, you can catch The Mad Dalton at The Black Box, Belfast on June 14 for the album's launch. More on that here.

Listen to The Mad Dalton's debut LP below:


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