Sylvain Sylvain for Dublin

The New York Doll is over this July.

New York Dolls legend Sylvain Sylvain – so good they named him twice! – is playing an intimate see-the-whites-of-their-eyes gig in Dublin’s Thomas House venue on July 12.

Just 80 tickets priced €26 go on sale from the venue at 8pm on Friday June 7 for one night only, so no dillying or indeed dallying.

A glam/punk guitarslinger par excellence, he's the prime reason classics like ‘Pills’, ‘Personality Crisis’, ‘Looking For A Kiss’ and ‘Trash’ still sound as awesome now as they did in the ‘70s. It’s no mere nostalgia trip though, with the Dolls’ three post-2006 reformation albums damn tasty too.

Meanwhile, check out his Rampage Of Songs radio show, which airs every Friday at 10pm NYC time on facebook/newyorkdolls and always contains killer tunes!

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