Jimmy Chamberlin 'excited' for Smashing Pumpkins' future

Drummer weighs in on his former band's latest incarnation...

Tommy Lee may have taken over his throne but Jimmy Chamberlin is in fairly magnanimous mood when it comes to the current state of Smashing Pumpkins. Having departed in early 2009 for pastures new, Chamberlin has turned his talents to the business world and will be making an appearance at next week's Dublin Web Summit.

Speaking to Edwin McFee in the latest issue of Hot Press, the drummer wished Billy Corgan all the best.

"I applaud Billy's efforts moving forward", he says. "For him, the Pumpkins represents the holistic view of his life and it's right for him to carry on with the brand and it's right for him to continue to make new music. I'm a big cheerleader for him. In fact, I went over and listened to the new record he just finished with Tommy Lee and it's fantastic. It's nothing less than what you'd expect from one of the greatest songwriters of all time. I'm excited for where the band's gonna go."

Pressed a little, Chamberlin looked back fondly on what he and Corgan accomplished together.

"Like any divorce, during the initial detachment period things got murky, but as the water clears you can go back and look at that time with the reverence it deserves. The stuff we did together was untouchable. I think it'll live on forever..."

Pick up the latest issue of HP - U2 cover - for the full interview.


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