Here's a unique and fun way to help Repeal the 8th.

Who says that Repealing the 8th Amendment can’t be fun?

Shauna Scott, proprietress of and self confessed ‘smut peddler’ has come up with a rather unique way of donating money to the Abortion Rights Campaign.

Last year Scott decided to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising by designing a tricolour dildo, proceeds of which would go to help repealing Ireland's archaic abortion laws.

Scott, who founded the female friendly website back in 2011, wrote in the product description for the 5.5” green white and orange lad :

“The 8th Amendment has had horrific effects on many, and has only succeeded in making sure Irish women’s abortions take place abroad, or in the case of those who choose abortion pills, without adequate medical supervision. The future I want to see for Ireland is one in which the women of this country are trusted to make informed healthcare decisions for themselves, and our doctors are protected under the law.”

It has just come to our attention that she still has some left in stock on her website, so if you’re looking for a way to help the cause, maybe can’t make the marches or get your hands on an elusive Repeal jumper, this may be for you!


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