Mary Coughlan & Band announce Vicar Street date

Ireland’s foremost jazz & blues female singer returns to Dublin’s premier live music venue Vicar Street on Sunday January 21, 2018 .

Having toured nationwide with her band this year, Mary has also been in the recording studio making some great new songs, as well as some superb classics. Her current single 'Let It Be Me' showed a welcome return for this Irish legend.

Often described as being Ireland’s Billie Holiday, Mary Coughlan's vast career has meant that this description only represents a fraction of she has to offer. Mary is best known as a jazz & blues singer whose life story gives weight to the truth that the best singers are the ones with the most painful lives.Her sharp observations of life, and her interpretation of songs are captivating and powerful. Whether you're into folk, blues or jazz, its hard not to be moved by the emotional depth, expression & power in her voice, forged from an extraordinary life.

Mary has carved out a timeless and highly regarded career, with a legion of devoted fans worldwide. Her ability to connect so emotionally & empathically with both the song & her audience is testament to her inner strength, and to the power of transformation & redemption. The stage is her home. To hear Mary sing is truly to be at the core of the human heart.

At Mary's Vicar Street show in January her and her band will take you on a journey of devastatingly beautiful, wide-ranging and engaging songs, with plenty of humourous wit from a woman who has battled her demons - and won.


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