Hally's New Album To Be Launched This Week

Irish singer-songwriter Hally, who had a music video banned recently by Facebook, will release his new album this week.

The album, which is entitled 'Peeling Onions: volume one', is part of Hally's hugely ambitious project to release a song with an accompanying music video every week for an entire year.

So far he has released over a dozen tracks this year, with his new music video 'Tomorrow is For You' being uploaded on the social media sites late last night.

The 'Peeling Onions' project, which will consist of 52 pieces of music, will be compiled into a series of four albums ('Peeling Onions' volume I, II, III, IV), which will be released quarterly throughout the year.

A series of live shows will mark the launch of each album. While the whole journey and creative process will be filmed throughout the year for a 'Peeling Onions' documentary, which will be released in early 2018.

As Hot Press reported last week, Hally's music video for the track 'White' was banned by the social media giants Facebook because there was, as the musician says himself, "too much human nakedness" on display in it! But you can view it here:

Speaking ahead of the album's launch this week, Hally says: "Peeling Onions is a wildly eclectic collection, in many respects deeply autobiographical, uncovering not only the story of a person’s defining years of struggle, discovery, and transformation, but of a lifetime."

He adds, "The recording of the 'Peeling Onions' Albums has and continues to be an emotional and creative whirlwind rollercoaster ride for me. I only write about what I know and have experienced during my days on this planet. And in so doing I get to examine the circumstances of my life from a safe distance. This may seem terribly narcissistic, but as Socrates uttered at his trial, 'The unexamined life is not worth living'."

He has this to say about the first album in the planned series: "On "Peeling Onions" Volume I, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with musicians from all over the planet. These collaborations make up a huge part of the sound of these recordings and the ethos of the project."

However, "at the core" of the productions, he adds, are 'The Hymns', who are a collection of hand-picked versatile musicians from Ireland, namely Kevin Brady (drums), Will Dowling (Saxaphones & Clarinets), Dave Redmond (Double Bass), Ian Smith (guitars & FX) and Gary O' Reilly (sounds, keys, production, vocals).

Guest musicians on the album include drummer Graham Hopskins, cellist Vyvienne Long, singer-songwriters Saoirse Casey and Zara Duffin.

"As the project evolves over the year I hope to invite lots more guest musicians to play on the albums," he adds.

For further information about Hally's latest album 'Peeling Onions: volume one' check out his website: www.hallymusic.com or facebook.com/hallymusic/


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